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What to Pack

Fern River Resort has individual cabins with a lot of items supplied for our clients. However there are things that would benefit you to bring!

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Fern River does not provide any consumable products such as coffee, Kleenex , paper towels, aluminum foil or spices. We provide a basic knife set, mixing bowl, silverware and bowl, plates and cups for your party size. There are basic utensils for cooking. 

We recommend you bring any consumable products like tea, coffee, sugar, salt and pepper and spices. Aluminum foil, paper towels, any specialty baking pans ( cookie sheets, pie pans ect), BBQ coals, lighter fluid and any specialty BBQ tools you love using. 

Our kitchens are stocked with a drip coffee maker and we do provide filters for it, a microwave, toaster, tea pot. Cabins with a kitchen have an apartment sized ( 20 inch) oven and stove top and small full sized fridge. Our studios have a 2 burner cooktop, with dorm sized fridge. 

As part of our focus to steward health we have upgrades our pot and pan set to be ceramic coated. After researching the dangers of Teflon we no longer wanted our guests to be cooking with it.

Personal Items

In the bathroom we have provided body, soap, conditioner and shampoo as part of our initiative to cut down on plastics on the ocean we have provided our products in large containers to cut down the single use plastics. Our products are from Derm Organics are are cruelty free certified, paraben free, gluten free, fragrance free and any artificial dyes or additives free. We believe the products we use on our bodies  can contribute or detract from our overall health.

Clients generally bring their own hair products. We do have hair dryers available but please note these cabins were built a LONG time ago and the power draw for a hair dryer can trip a breaker if another item is plugged in. 

We recommend river shoes as the river can be rocky, folding chairs for the beach and beach towels . Wood for the firepit if you want to have a fire, books to read and games to play. 

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