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Fern River hosts special events in Collaboration with other like minded groups. Currently our owner is focusing on metaphysics, health, wellness and spirituality events. If you have a group and would like to put together a special event please reach out to her. 

The events we are hosting are listed on this page.


D'Jedi Training with Adam Apollo

In this enchanted Redwood Forest Retreat  deep dive into the secret wisdom within you, and realize your untapped potential.  We will be tailoring content by the desires of the participants . Explore the study of human energy, discover ancient wisdom traditions, delve into astral travel and galactic contact, harness the power of sexual healing, and other possibilies on an immersive journey. In the tranquil embrace of nature, discover your true potential and transform your life. Spaces are limited, so register your spot immediately and embark on a life-changing experience. Unleash your inner D’Jedi now.

Catering Available

Dance Party

Limited to Intimate Group

Activities Tailored to Group Interests

Healing Horses

A small group experience that focuses on helping you find self-love, trauma healing and more self-awareness while connecting with horses. This transformative event is the perfect opportunity to let go of limiting beliefs and discover your true potential. Join us and experience the power of self-discovery for yourself.

More Information and Dates TBD

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