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The Future

Our Owners Projects

Our Owner has been on a Wellness quest for the past 9 years. With her Neuroscience and philosophy background she has been researching  what is needed for true wellness. She believes a multi-modality approach is needed with weight given to balancing the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Using true nutrition, knowledge of self and metaphysical education . 


Nicole Believes all Beings are conscious and deserve to be treated with compassion and respect. She is out to bridge the gap in understanding between ALL Beings and offer self healing tools.


Fern River has been and will continue to be the springboard for Nicole to dive deeper into wellness and consciousness exploration for all. Fern River has a container to offer special health and wellness retreats with an emphasis on spiritual and metaphysical education. 

If you would like to host an event of this type at Fern River please reach out to Nicole directly on her site.

Check out her pet project by clicking on the link 

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